Inquiry ICS/Q/001/2014/ICS127/RJ


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According the running project „Study of low emission technology of burning the gas fuels (low-, average-, and high-calorie) containing the higher hydrocarbons and CXHYNZ, NXHY, CXHYSZ type compounds based on the modified HiTAC volumetric combustion technology", financially supported by The National Centre for Research and Development within III INNOTECH competition program we are going to buy the software listed in the following table including IT support:

  1. ANSYS HPC Pack (8 cores), Lifetime – 1 pcs.,
  2. TECS HPC Pack – support time: 24 months – 1 pcs.


The stakeholders are invited to submit offers by e-mail on the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following note in the subject: „ICS127 – Offer for Ansys HPC Pack with IT support” or by traditional letter in closed envelope with the following note: „ICS127 – Offer for Ansys HPC Pack with IT support” directly to ICS office:

ICS Industrial Combustion Systems Sp. z o.o.
ul. Jana Ostroroga 17/1
60-349 Poznań


The offer shall include the following commercial information:

  • Basic prices (catalogue) of particular components.
  • Size of granted discount.
  • Proposal of payment terms.


Additional information:

  • Closing date of offer placement: 3 o’clock pm, 17th November 2014.
  • The criterion for assessing the bid: price – 100 % (the cheapest offer will be chosen).
  • Validity of the offer: a minimum 21 days required counted from the 17th November 2014.
  • Realization of the contract: till 30th November 2014.
  • Additional information can be obtained by calling +48 606 761 620.


The project financially supported by the National Centre for Research and Development and European Union under the European Regional Development Fund



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