HTB Combustion system

Uniform temperature and heat flux, high quality of product, reliability, safety and low emission of pollutants – these are the key factors for heavy industry in the area of combustion processes. These aspects have been widely examined and proved by the HiTAC technology (High Temperature Air Combustion) since the beginning of the 90's or even late 80's of the last century. The HTB (High Temperature Burner) utilizes the HiTAC combustion technology and gives more advantages than mentioned above. The HTB are heavy duty, high tech product that allows easy adjustment to existing furnace conditions, use of the existing recuperative system, and possibility to work with different type of fuel. Moreover, the HTB burners are easy to operate and are almost maintenance free. Finally, the HTB burners can decrease the operating costs thanks to an increase in combustion chamber refractory lifetime due to avoiding of temperature peaks.


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