Energetyka Sp z o.o., Glogow, Poland

38 t/h Kp-6 steam boiler, ORG-32/80M type

Customer: Gros-Pol, Poznan, Poland - stage I
Energetyka, Lubin, Poland - stage II
Main contractor:
Gros-Pol, Poznan, Poland - stage I
Consortium: Remak-Rozruch, Opole, Poland and ICS, Poznan, Poland - stage II
End user:
Energetyka Sp. z o.o., EC3 Glogow, Poland
ICS contribution:
Off gas utilization system equipment and technology supplier, based on HTB-DL-WG burners and HiTAC combustion technology
ICS reference:
38 t/h (steam); 65000 Nm3/h (off gas)
April 2012



Project covered replacing old steam boiler number 6 and off gas utilization system based on off gas/coal co-fired with a new gas boiler equipped with off gas/natural gas co-fired burners. Modernization of the Kp-6 boiler is the second such investment after the modernization of the Kp-7 boiler (project ICS002) in the EC-3 Department, Głogow.


Due to low LHV (Low Heating Value) 1,5-2,4 MJ/Nm3, high moisture content and substantial solid particle contamination the utilization of copper shaft furnace off gas is lead through natural gas co-firing. Combustion takes place in semiadiabatic combustion chamber and three HTB-DL-WG15 burners.

ICS scope of supply

  • delivery of the combustion system devices,
  • detailed engineered of the combustion system,
  • detailed manufacture documentation of burner piping and zone piping,
  • detailed documentation of combustion chamber along with refractory lining,
  • detailed manufacture documentation of the HTB-DL-WG15 burners,
  • control system functionality description,
  • engineering support at erection and commissioning,
  • as-built documentation of the combustion system,
  • manual instruction of the system,
  • guarantee boiler efficiency test.


  • off gas utilization capacity increased from 40000 Nm3/h to 65000 Nm3/h,
  • steam production effectiveness increased from 64% to 80%,
  • combustion process quality improvement,
  • extremely low CO and NOx emission,
  • very low natural gas consumption, about 10% of total energy supplied,
  • fully automatized boiler control system.

All the above results were achieved by applying the High Temperature Air Combustion (HiTAC) technology combined with the HTB-DL-WG combustion system and with the use of the same building cubature to build the installation.


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