Ferrostal Labedy, Gliwice, Poland

20 t/h steel reheating furnace, walking beam type

Customer: Piecoserwis, Gliwice, Poland
Main contractor:
Piecoserwis, Gliwice, Poland
End user:
Ferrostal Labedy, Gliwice, Poland
ICS contribution:
Main technology supplier based on HRS burners and HiTAC combustion technology
ICS reference:
20 t/h; 9,25 MW
March/April 2008



Ferrostal is a steel reinforcement bar manufacturer belonging to Zlomrex Group and located in South of Poland. Project covered revamping the reheating, walking beam furnace with a new combustion system. Revamped furnace is a part of bars production line where carbon steel is rolled. Investor’s expectations of lowering fuel consumption, improving product quality and boosting furnace throughput were met by HRS burner system.


  • capacity increase by 33% up to 20 t/h,
  • fuel consumption reduction by 27%,
  • product quality improvement,
  • combustion process improvement.

All effects attained without furnace shell modification.


The installation consists of five pairs of regenerative burners and three conventional burners used for cold start furnace heat up. All burners are natural gas fired. Designed furnace temperature is 1250oC.

ICS scope of supply

  • 6 x HRS-DL4S – 1550 kW,
  • 4 x HRS-DL5 – 2300 kW,
  • burner fittings,
  • pre-engineered combustion system,
  • control system functionality description,
  • detailed documentation of burner piping,
  • detailed documentation of zone piping,
  • engineering support at erection and commissioning

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