HRS Burner Range

High-cycle Regenerative System Burners or simply HRS burners are high capacity, high temperature burners employing Honeycomb regenerative heat exchange hardware technology and HiTAC combustion principle to achieve outstanding energy savings and meet rigorous emission limits.

HRS burners have been developed in Japan by company called Nippon Furnace Kogyo (now Nippon Furnace Ltd.) or NFK in short. Since the beginning of development project in 1985 ceramic heat exchange hardware as means of storage and recovery of sensible heat and HiTAC combustion technology were employed to deliver excellent combustion performance and energy efficiency.

High-cycle Regenerative System Burners are specifically designed for ultra-low NOx emission and intensive fuel demand reduction in demanding heavy industry environments. Two distinct features of the HRS are Honeycomb ceramic regenerators and HiTAC combustion technology.

HRS burner versatility enables it’s product range to cover a variety of choices intended for different applications and operation conditions such as steel reheating, petrochemical heating, steam reforming, ceramic firing and more.


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