DeNOx Ecotube System - (Emission reduction by Primary and secondary method)

The Ecotube® System uses primary and secondary method of toxic compounds reduction (mainly NOx and CO) and combustion process optimization by combination of AirEcotube and SNCR method which results in a greater reduction of NOx and CO emissions and lower slip ammonia. The primary method are introduced by air staging described in AirEcotube product description.

A – Ecotube® pipes
B – Control system
C – Air supply system
D – Cooling water system
E – Reagent distribution kit
The secondary method of emission reduction is achieved by reagent injections through dozen separate nozzles located in Ecotube®. Each reagent injection nozzle is protected from flue gas hot temperature influence, by placing it in the middle of the air nozzle. The high velocity air jets impact on the penetration of the combustion chamber by reagent droplets and improve the mixing of the reagent with the flue gases.

Benefits of using the reagent injection by Ecotube®:

  • The main advantage is the possibility to distribute NOx reducing agent without limitation and the ability to set Ecotube® nozzle depending on the current parameters of the combustion process.
  • Injecting of reagent from the pipe inside the combustion chamber significantly reduces the consumption of reagent compare to the wall SNCR injection nozzles.
  • Technology used air for reagent distribution and water is not require.
  • Distribution and flow of the reagent is controlled individually for each nozzle.
  • Pressure and air flow is regulated by a frequency converter, allowing quick change of the flow of air injection.

Environmental benefits:

  • NOx reduction over 40-70% up to level of 150 mg/Nm3,
  • Reduction of reagent consumption over 60-75% to traditional SNCR system,
  • Slip ammonia below 5 mg/Nm3,
  • CO emission below 55 mg/Nm3,
  • Reduction of O2 in flue gases to level of 2-3%.

Financial benefits:

  • Higher boiler efficiency – lower fuel consumption,
  • Lower electrical energy consumption for internal use,
  • Lower corrosion risk,
  • Longer operation time of the boiler between maintenance,
  • Reduction of cost for the emission.

Additional benefits:

  • Significant improvement of turbulence and mixing of the reagent with gas, which positively improve the combustion process and NOx emission reductions.
  • The possibility of used mounted Ecotube® for other media injection such as ammonium sulfate (NH4)2SO4 in order to reduce corrosion and slagging of the boiler caused by the presence of potassium chloride (KCl), in particular during the combustion of biomass.
  • Minimum downtime unit (3-4 days) required for Ecotube® pipes installation on the boiler walls.

No need for large channels or modification of the boiler.





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