HRS-DL Burners

The HRS-DL burners are industrial-grade, self-regenerative, direct-fired and ultra low NOx burners for operation in high temperature, high energy output environments. The HRS-DL burners are designed for maximum durability, minimum maintenance and flexibility in applying to existing furnace conditions. This burners ensure reduced fuel demand, lower pollutant emissions and higher final product quality.

The HRS DL burners are produced in a wide capacity range. The smallest burner in DL-series is HRS-DL2, its capacity is equal to 150 kW. The capacity of biggest unit HRS-DL9 is 5,810 kW. Currently the HRS-DL10 burner with firing capacity about 7 – 8 MW is in design in order to meet the market requirements.

Series of types of the HRS-DL burners (Fuel: LNG, Furnace temperature: 1,300oC)


HRS-DL burners parameters

The burners share a simple box shape design, built-in burner throat and are capable of both low temperature mode and high temperature mode operation. Due to internal heat reclaim hardware no connection with centralized recuperative or regenerative systems is needed. Since burners draw back 90% of their fuel and air input to the combustion chamber in most cases no modification to the existing flue piping is required.

Also through excellent temperature efficiency of the Honeycomb regenerators temperature of flue gases after the regenerator remains 150oC for typical example (maximum 250oC) and allows for lower grade steel to be used for flue piping.

hrs dl thumb   HRS DL Burner System for direct firing heating systems

Example of the HRS-DL4S burners application   hrs thumb

The HRS-DL burners are designed mainly for the following types of the furnaces:

  • in common batch type furnaces for the following process of the metals:
    • billet reheating, plate reheating, ingot heating, casting heating (aluminum), soaking pit,
    • annealing,
  • in batch type furnaces such as:
    • bogie type heat treatment, gas heat treatment,
    • car bottom typo heat treatment,
  • continuous type furnaces such as walking beam, pusher type for the following process of the metals:
    • continuous billet reheating (also for copper), slab re/heating, heating, plate reheating,
    • continuous annealing, heat treatment, tempering,
  • ladle heaters,
  • others types of furnaces and process:
    • indirect gypsum firing kiln,
    • ceramic firing furnace, ceramic baking furnace,
    • roller hearth kiln,
    • ferrite firing furnace,
    • edge heating,
    • coil annealing furnace, open coil annealing,
    • pipe annealing furnace,
    • W/B sheet spring heating.

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