HRS-Ux Burners

The HRS-Ux burners are designed for combustion/heating systems where process without alternative combustion must be assured and a very uniform temperature profile in the combustion chamber is required.

In the HRS-Ux burner four parallel ceramic honeycomb regenerators are installed around the fuel nozzle. In operation condition the flue gases are drawn through three regenerators whereas air is traveling across one. After 5 to 9 seconds there is a change in the way of air supply to the combustion chamber. The fuel, however, is fed continuously. The advantages of HRS-Ux burners are size compactness, and that they are easy to be adopted to single burner system.

The HRS-Ux burners are made in different capacities from 120 kW up to 2,200 kW. The optimum application temperature of the HRS-Ux burners reaches up to 1,100 – 1,200oC.

hrs ux thumb  

HRS-Ux Burner System for direct firing operations for extremely flat temperature profile inside the furnace .

The HRS Ux burners are designed mainly for the following types of the furnaces:

  • small size heating/reheating furnaces
  • small size heat treatment furnaces
  • hydrogen generators
  • petrochemical furnaces

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