Heating systems

ICS Industrial Combustion Systems mission is to deliver proven, reliable, innovative combustion solutions to heavy industry customers throughout the whole Europe with a high respect of the environment.

Therefore ICS offer includes an complete combustion installations covering a broad range of industry applications for example for metallurgy, heat treatment, steel and non-ferrous metals industry, waste gases utilization, ceramic and petrochemical industry as well as many others. The offered systems by ICS, base on the HRS and HTB burners mainly, are hi-tech products meeting the highest and rigorous emissions standards and demands with firing power capacities up to several mega watts operating with different type of fuels working with centralised or built in heat regenerators.

As an example ICS offers the combustion systems for the following applications:

  • heat treatment furnaces (direct or/and indirect firing system),
  • reheating furnaces,
  • ladle heaters,
  • waste gases utilisation systems.

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