HTB-DL Burners

HTB-DL burners are industrial-grade direct-fired ultra low NOx burners for operation in high temperature, high energy output environments. The HTB-DL are designed for maximum durability, minimum maintenance and flexibility in applying to existing furnace conditions. Control and operation characteristics are seamless on user side and the difference comes in lower emission profile, better combustion process quality and higher final product quality.

The burners share a simple box shape design, built-in burner throat and are capable of both cold start and high temperature operation. Due to lack of internal heat reclaim hardware preheated combustion air needs to be supplied from an external source – typically a central recuperator widely used with industrial furnaces.

Compared to HRS-DL burners, HTB-DL do not incorporate internal regenerators and so are smaller and lighter. The working principle is simple and similar to some of the other conventional high temperature burners – air is fed through burner throat into combustion chamber, fuel is injected via separate nozzles directly into combustion chamber.

The HTB-DL type burners are generally suited for d

Main advantages of HTB:

  • Reduction of NOx, CO and other pollutants emissions,
  • Uniform thermal field and higher and uniform heat flux,
  • Increase in refractory lifetime and so reduction in furnace maintenance costs,
  • Product quality improvement,
  • Simple furnace construction,
  • Increased furnace capacity without furnace shell modification,
  • Multi-fuel capability.

Cleaner emissions. HTB-DL burners incorporate proprietary combustion technology called HiTAC (High Temperature Air Combustion). It gives the burners possibility to create a specific low oxygen high temperature environment for high efficiency low emission combustion process by means of high velocity fuel and preheated air injection, intense combustion gas recirculation and voluminous diluted flame.

Ease of application. Due to lack of regenerators, recuperators, external flue recirculation and overall low degree of mechanical complication HTB-DL burners prevail in compactness, ease of installation and robustness over HRS burners and easily over competing units of the same class.


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